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The following is a quick description of the safety drills we practice at Silver Crest. Elementary schools are required by law to practice one emergency drill each month. We are to do a fire drill at least every other month, one within the first 10 days of the start of the school year and one within the first 10 days after the Winter break. The other drills are mixed in as fit with our schedules and the weather, to be prepared for an emergency.


Fire: Used when fire alarms sound. We exit the building and account for all students/people.


Shelter in Place: Used in the event of chemical spills outside, unhealthy air quality, or a need to stay inside but can maintain inside activity (wild animals in the area). All students and teachers remain inside (or in portables). Business continues as usual, but no one is allowed in or out of the building.


Earthquake: Used in the event of an earthquake. All students will duck and cover, teachers will account for students, evacuation will happen if needed.


Lock Down: Used in the event of an active shooter or unsafe person/scenario in the building.  Teachers and students shelter in a dark location away from windows and doors and remain quiet as to not draw attention. Teachers account for students and report.  When doing a lock down drill we may be in "lock down" as long as 20-30 minutes to give students ample time to experience the process and give law enforcement time to sweep the building and ensure safety.


Lock Out: We also use lock out, at which point all outside doors will be locked as to not let an intruder into the building. This is used in the event that a situation is happening outside the school building, which we wouldn't want to get inside the building.  During a lock out students will either be in shelter in place, or lock down mode, depending on the situation.