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 Box Tops Store Dates


Box Tops Collection Sheet

2018-2019 PTA Sponsored Events

We LOVE volunteers!!! In fact, the success of Silver Crest’s PTA sponsored events throughout the year DEPENDS on having volunteers. We have all of our commissioners needed to head up each of the programs, but are looking for people to help with the events/programs. If you are interested in helping or want to learn more about the programs we offer please contact

 (Keep in mind that most of our programs require that your background check and paperwork with the district is current before you can help at the school.)

Battle of the Books
Battle of the Books was new to Silver Crest beginning 2015-2016, but is a national competitive reading program that has been around for years. Students will receive prizes and lanyard buttons for each of the books they read starting in September. All of our 3-6 grade students participate in the program, and we need lots of volunteers to help carry out battles (quizzing groups of student teams). During battles, the students will need to know both the title and author of the book they are answering questions about. This year we have added an extra level of competition and plan to battle Butterfield Elementary. Our top 4 teams will get time away from school to compete for the winning spot and hopefully claim the title of the winning school. We will also have a fun field for the winning teams and a select few who show outstanding commitment to becoming great readers!

Book List For 3-4 Graders is found here:

Book List for 5-6 Graders is found here:

Visit America’s Battle of the Books website for more information about this amazing program (

Reflections Art Contest 

This year our PTA will be supporting the National Art Program-Reflections. This contest provides an opportunity for all of our students to showcase many different forms of art based upon a common theme. This year’s theme is “Heroes Around Me.” Volunteers will be needed to help plan for the contest, collect art work, assist with judging, and distributing art work and prizes to the students.

Book Fair

Silver Crest sponsors two Scholastic Book Fairs each school year, once in the spring and again in the fall. The purpose of this event is to get books in the hands of our students. The profits provide books for our classroom libraries, leveled reading, school library, battle of the books, and provide the buy two get one book free as a membership benefit for those that support our PTA. Volunteers are needed to set up and take down the book fair along with working while the book fair is open. All tracks are invited to each of the fairs, but one track will be off at each fair.

 Box Tops Store

Students are asked to clip and collect box tops found on cereal boxes and other consumer products and turn them in quarterly. We ask that the box tops are glued, taped, or stapled to a box top collection sheet. Copies of the collection sheet can be found in the office and by accessing the link above. Any student who brings a minimum of 10 box tops will be invited to participate in the store where they can shop for prizes based on the number of box tops they redeem. Our PTA also provides each of our students with 10 birthday box tops. This allows each student to participate in the store at least once throughout the year. All of these 10¢ coupons really add up and bring thousands of dollars in revenue to our school. Each year we use our money to provide field trip transportation to all the field trips our students participate in.

We need volunteers to help at the stores to assist with student’s personal shopping experience.

Field Day

Field Day is a fun filled half day of activities for all grades held outdoors. Past activities have included inflatables, a dunk tank, relays, parachute games, a popsicle station, water games, etc. This is a celebration for the students and a great way to end the year. Without volunteers we are unable to provide this event. Volunteers are needed to help plan the stations before the event, create the rotation schedule, find items/donations for the activities, help set up/take down, and many  volunteers are needed to assist with helping the students at the stations on the day of.

Jr. Achievement

Jr. Achievement is a national corporate sponsored education program. Volunteers are needed to teach 5 short lessons (30-45 minutes) on the basics of business, economics and money management in each classroom. All of the information and handouts are made available to our volunteers in advance, so you they can plan and prepare the lessons beforehand. This program not only gives the ability to provide a valuable educational experience, but it also gives you the opportunity to be your child’s classroom. The lessons must be coordinated with your teacher, but can be any time that works for you and your schedule.

Parents & Pastries

Our PTA provides donuts to parents and students twice/year for breakfast the first morning of each book fair. This allows the students to spend time with their parents in the school. After breakfast, students and parents can enjoy shopping at the book fair. Volunteers are needed to help hand out donuts and to clean up.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a week-long awareness event. We want to help our students within the school learn about the dangers of drugs and help them commit to staying drug free. Volunteers are needed to help plan and carry out this important educational program.

Safe Passage

This important program works in conjunction with the Unified Police Department and our Green Ribbon Commissioner. This program is always looking for community volunteers (usually parents, but it can be anyone) walking/driving/biking with in our school boundaries.   We need these volunteers to be the eyes and ears for the safety of our children. The police department isn’t available to be on campus each school day. By participating in this program we ask that our volunteers (complete an application and background check) keep watch for any safety concerns on the route to and from school and become an extension of the UPD. With all the construction surrounding us and our city growing at such a fast pace it is imperative that we are continually searching for ways we can provide a safer walking experience for our students. This is an outdoors, ongoing program.

Green Ribbon Days

We have changed our ways, and we will now be celebrating Green Ribbon Days. Previously we have celebrated with an entire Green Ribbon Week, but with our ever changing community the PTA felt that it was time to make a change. We are hoping this change will be helpful for our students to have safety reminders throughout the year instead emphasis on safety for only one week. We will be having a kickoff of the days at the beginning of the school year. Watch for volunteer opportunities as the year progresses. We will be looking for volunteers to help plan and carry out fun activities with a Green Ribbon focus.

White Ribbon Week

White Ribbon Week is a positive, empowering week-long school program that teaches kids to make smart choices online and to reject harmful media messages. Our children are becoming more and more tech-savvy, and this program will bring awareness to the dangers and how to stay safe. We hope that this informative week long program will have a lasting impact on each of our student’s media behavior in the future.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Silver Crest PTA organizes two Teacher Appreciation weeks in the spring to show our teachers how much we appreciate them. We devote a week-long celebration to honoring our teachers and the lasting contributions they make to our children’s lives. Volunteers are needed to help plan and carry out teacher appreciation activities, but we mostly look to our Room Coordinators to help us and take care of all of our teachers.

Watch Dogs

WATCH D.O.G.S. is one of the nation’s largest and most respected school-based, family, and community engagement, organizations in the country. In 1998, the very first WATCH D.O.G.S. program launched at Gene George Elementary in Springdale, AR. Today, more than 6,450 schools across the country have launched a WATCH D.O.G.S. program of their own. Each school year hundreds of thousands of fathers and father-figures make a positive impact on millions of children by volunteering millions of hours in their local schools through this amazing one-of-a-kind program.

Polar Express

Each December we celebrate the holidays by holding our annual Polar Express Event. Our commissioner works with the Classroom Coordinators to see that hot chocolate is provided for each of our classrooms. The Polar Express movie is broadcasted into each of the classrooms directly following our sing along and visit from our “Special Guest.” Volunteers may be needed to help distribute hot chocolate within the classroom or donate supplies.